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“Why do you want this?” The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.

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Joe Fedric

On the day we were supposed to learn the gender of our baby, we were instead greeted with someone willing to bare it all. This is the Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.



Monday, April 12th, 2021. This was supposed to be the day we learned the gender of Baby Fedric, due in late October. That is not what happened on this day. Instead, this day became known to our inner circle as a friend holiday, appropriately named: Joe McManis, Jr. Day. We marked it in our calendars and everything.  So, instead of introducing you to our little family in an… appropriate way, we will be doing so by showing you the way we handle disgusting behavior that has been an issue for women for far too long: aggressive and creepy men that solicit sex via social media platforms.

This story was initially put together to be shared quickly, in our Telegram and Slack channels, among friends. However, the details in this story deserve to be shared with the world. So, instead of sharing the story about learning the gender of our unborn baby, I will instead be telling you here in our family blog, a platform I have more space to fully flesh out this story and show you exactly what went down.

This story will be broken into chapters for easy consumption.  And as you can tell from the lack of content as of the day this story was written (April 13, 2021), this website is brand new.  I fast tracked development so I could share this story with you.  I also did my best to provide context between two parallel conversations with multiple people involved.  However, there’s only one star of this show, and you’ll be glad you stuck around.

Keeping up with the screenshots is tough. Here's a guide to the numbered badges you'll see throughout this article. Additionally, each screenshot set is ordered chronologically, to help you keep up with both chat threads represented in the screenshots.

Chapter 1: The "Hi"

It's just a greeting, right?

Sadly, I think we all know where this is going.  Joe messaged Amanda 1, the wife in this family, with a seemingly innocuous “Hi”.  However, after there was no followup, it was clear the motivation was either embarrassing or non-existent.

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that this is an extremely common and annoying problem that women have to deal with on a daily basis.  This is often the foot in the door that leads to harassment, assault, rape, and in some cases, murder.

Women of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and experiences have seen this in their inbox, from tween girls to boardroom executives to your mother. Yes, your mom has gotten unsolicited messages in her inbox, even if she didn’t find them and read them.

So, how do we deal with this?  Well, here in Texas, there is a law against sending unsolicited pictures of genitalia (dick pics).  In fact, states around America and other countries around the world have started adopting laws to punish individuals (men and women) that send unsolicited sexually explicit photographs, whether the photo belongs to the sender of the photo, or not.

However, that doesn’t do too much to deter men from sending that ever-famous “Hi” message.  So, what do we do from here?  We are expecting a dick pic, and we’re expecting it to be unsolicited.  Time for some advice.

1:1 Chat
JM1: The "Hi" message from Facebook Messenger
JM1: The "Hi" message from Facebook Messenger

Chapter 2: Enter the Group Chat

We share memes, but we're also ruthless.

Amanda decided to ask the group chat, our lovable Telegram group we affectionately call Memetopia.  In our group, there are only about a dozen of us, and we are all reasonable and intelligent enough to know the boundaries of human decency.  But we do share edgy content from time to time, the type of stuff that would get you banned from Facebook (nudity, insults, etc.).  Occasionally, one of our members will drop in a batch of particularly offensive images harvested from /b/ on 4chan.  I’m not linking out for obvious reasons.

We're a group with a plan!

Keeping in mind that getting a laugh is the whole point of Memetopia, here’s the rundown of the start of the group chat’s involvement 1.

Amanda’s brother asks if she knows this guy, and TJ comes out strong asking for the dick pic so we can mock it.  But then, in a stroke of brilliance, sets our goal for us:

Tell him you only talk to strangers after you've seen their butthole. #thesagaofjoemcmanisjr

We have our mission.  We have resolveBut do we have a sucker?

Group Chat
GC1: Enter Memetopia
GC1: Enter Memetopia
1:1 Chat
JM2: Demands are made
JM2: Demands are made

I have a feeling we're all about to find out...

Chapter 3: Don't Lose Him!

He thinks this is a game

His immediate response is boyish and playful: “You first”. 3 He’s not getting out of it that easy, I can assure you.

He tries to sidestep that demand

He uses the a common non-statement that he “think(s) we matched on tinder”, and tries to move on.  But that’s not how we roll in Memetopia.  Amanda insists: 4

This isn't a negotiation. Butthole pics or dip. #thesagaofjoemcmanisjr

It looks like he might be game: “You first and I will”.  We also learn that our target is at work and sending these messages to Amanda.  Never one to miss a beat, Amanda fires back: “OSHA says you have to have a bathroom.  Get in there and get to work.” 5

Meanwhile, in the group chat...

The group chat is rewarded for their participation with screenshot evidence that this might be possible. 2  But the target rebuffs. Dustin nails the mood after Amanda re-issues her demand: “Peeerrrfect”. 3

TJ provides us with our bait, as the group chat excitement grows at the idea of this actually working. 4 I sort of feel bad for the target, until I remember he messaged my pregnant wife for sex.  Onwards!

As TJ points out, our image is from page 3 or 4 of Google Images, so it’s definitely not my wife.  And it wouldn’t take much effort for the target to discover that for himself.  I add some fuel to the fire in our hearts by sharing an image of our target. 5

1:1 Chat
Group Chat

Chapter 4: Baiting the Hook

He's getting the idea

Suddenly, it occurs to him.  This chick might want a pic picture of his butthole.  He’s incredulous: “Are you for real?”. 6

But he's got the same idea as us

He went to Google Images, too! But, he didn’t try very hard, as TJ sent us a screenshot of a bunch of male buttholes on Page 1 of Google Image search.  I hope I used enough starfish stickers, and looking again, I’m thinking I might not have.  *sigh* Come on, Joey, this is worth it.  7

Ok, so we have the information that he’s trying to sneak a fake butthole by Amanda to achieve his horny goal.  I’m sure you guessed it — Amanda calls him out again.  8

I know a fake butthole when I see one. Try again you penis. #thesagaofjoemcmanisjr

Ok.  So we are pushing the envelope.

Memetopia, at the same time...

You can see the target more clearly from one of his publicly visible (to me, the husband) images from his profile pictures album.  We received a butthole picture from our target, but suspected him of treachery. 6 So, TJ sacrificed his search history to bring us confirmation that the target was indeed trying to cheat on his test 7

Amanda calls him out, and we wait with bated breath to see if he’s going to follow through, or if our ruse has reached its end.

Chapter 5: Paydirt

That's right. We did it, y'all. This man sent a picture of his butthole to a stranger on the internet.

Behold!   A stranger’s butthole.  Now, I would say that I’m proud of our group chat for achieving this goal, but that wouldn’t be true.  The truth is… I am immensely proud of Memetopia and what we accomplished on this day.  We set our sights on this man’s cookies and we got ’em. 9 Of course, this is hardly a respectful way to handle this situation.  But again, I remind myself: he’s trying to solicit sex from your wife.  Ok, we’re good again.  Back to the buttholes. The crowd went wild.  We knew we had gotten his goose. 8

But what he sent right after killed all of us

Immediately after sending his bussy to my wife, he follows up with the most amazing message in the whole exchange: 10

Why do you want this? #thesagaofjoemcmanisjr

Ladies and gentlemen, this message right here floored the entire group.  True, a confused stranger’s butthole holds some comedic value.  Yet, the sheer hilarity of seeing the last remnants of his higher-functioning reason desperately try to pull him back from oblivion after he had crossed the event horizon of sending a stranger on the internet his butthole, cannot be overstated. As you can see from the screenshots from the Group Chat in this chapter, we recorded our reactions 1 2 because how could we not?!  If you want to jump down to see all of our reactions, just click here. And just so you can share in our bewildered fits of laugher, here’s what we said in the moment:

No fuckin way 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I'm literally crying 😭

💀💀💀💀💀 "cus I need it"

I can't believe this horny idiot sent his chocolate starfish 😂🤣

His reason firmly behind him, the target presses on, as does Memetopia

At this point, the target assumes he has accomplished his task faithfully, and it’s time to get back to business: “Your turn”, and “I want to fuck”. 9 11 Well, then.  Since he’s still engaged, let’s see how far we can go.  Some suggestions:

Can we get a pen in that bad boy? #thesagaofjoemcmanisjr

Tell him you need some pinky in the stinky action up in there #thesagaofjoemcmanisjr

Send him the phony picture and ask "How kinky can you get?" #thesagaofjoemcmanisjr

Our plot to keep things going continues to develop in real-time. 10 12

Chapter 6: The Post-Butthole Apocalypse

So, what's next?

Our goal has been met, so we turn our sights to the next step. 11 We’ve gotten this far without sending the target anything, so it was time to deploy the decoy photo, and keep this story alive.

As the group Chat gets ready for what’s next and muses about how easy it was to get a butthole pic, Amanda deploys our decoy photo on our target to start building back up trust and le passion. 14

Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions...

One of the suggestions from the group was to ask for money 12 , and so Amanda went for it. 15

The target says he can’t send money on FB Messenger, then asks Amanda to come over for sex.  16 The group chat reacts to the deployment of the decoy with great excitement, and is not disappointed when he takes the bait. 13 But the Memetopia group wants blood, and insists Amanda can get money out of him.  14

Chapter 7: The Dick Pic and Final Plot


In the Group Chat, we predict the appearance of a penis 15, and lo and behold, ladies and gentleman, if you’ve lasted this long, you knew this was going to show up eventually… that unsolicited dick pic.  Now, to be fair, we did heavily solicit for a butthole picture, but we did not solicit a picture of his penis.  Alas, here it is.  Yuck. 19 Now that he shared his dick pic, he’s back to feverishly stroking and hoping that he can get a positive response from Amanda. 20 Meanwhile, in the Group Chat, we react to the dick pic in pretty much the way you’d expect.  TJ points out with a query that his behavior is illegal, ignoring the elephant in the room: what we were doing wasn’t illegal, but damnit if it didn’t have a bigger impact on him than his behavior did on us. 16 We all got that dick pic, y’all.  And reacted pretty much the way you’d expect. 17 Finally, we make our last suggestions prior to Amanda revealing the ruse to the mark 18 and toss up the idea of asking him about pegging.  Additional reaction videos are shared with the group. 3 4 5

Time for the reveal

Amanda prepares her message of all the videos of us reacting to send to the target. 21

At this point, we’ve all had about an hour and a half of fun, and like an unstable isotope, we knew we couldn’t hold this state forever.  We send in our last videos and prep for the fallout from the reveal. 19

As the target waits on his promised sexy video, he sends… um… words of encouragement?  I’m sure “Do you like anal?” has worked before, but it just feels like a poor reading of the room he’s in.  22

Chapter 8: The Reveal & Our Videos

This is the last chance before the big reveal

Everyone is trying to get their last-minute suggestions in! 20 21 


And it’s done. 23 He knows. 22 Amanda got blocked pretty much instantly, as one might expect.  Actually, we’ve discussed how the target might have interpreted this cat-fishing expedition, knowing we had every intention of sharing this story.  We fully expect this to get back around to him.  If that does happen, I have one thing to say to you, Joe McManis, Jr.:


Our Videos

As promised, here are the videos we sent the Amanda to relay to the target:

Our Reactions
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: TJ&#039s 1st Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: TJ's 1st Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: Joe&#039s 1st Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: Joe's 1st Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: TJ&#039s 2nd Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: TJ's 2nd Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: Joe&#039s 2nd Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: Joe's 2nd Reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: James&#039 reaction
The Saga of Joe McManis, Jr.: James' reaction
Group Chat
1:1 Chat
JM23: The reveal
JM23: The reveal

Chapter 9: The Follow-ups & Conclusion

We always have the last word

When someone messes with our group, we have to throw in one or two parting jabs.  This is exactly what we did! 1 2

The aftermath

Honestly, I’m exhausted from re-telling this story so many times.  So, I will let you see our reaction to the reveal, our celebration at a mission accomplished, and us sharing the Follow-up messages with each other.  Also, Dusty makes a late appearance after missing all the fun.  Better luck next time, brother!

Conclusion: Don't be an asshole

I think it goes without saying that this article wouldn’t be possible without our target’s own unsavory actions.  While we didn’t have to lie to this man, we did not initiate this conversation with him, nor did my wife.  Only time will tell if tactics like this can be effective at ending the constant harassment women face on a daily basis, all around the world.

Why did I do this, of all things?

I figure the answer is easy to understand. This random person solicited my married, pregnant, and awesome wife, Amanda, for sex. He was just another guy being a creep, until Amanda shared it with the group. We derailed his likely immediate unsolicited dick pic, only to still receive one after making him show his ass, literally.

I have no remorse. I will not take this article down. Everything said here and contained in these screenshots is 100% factual and has not been altered in any way other than to protect your precious eyes from his anus.

And perhaps, the glee with which I assembled this article is telling. I am sick of men that assume they can sexually harass women with no recourse. There have been many examples of this bad behavior being shamed, and nothing changes. So, if we can't stop all men from doing this, perhaps we can at least stop this asshole, literally.

How petty am I?

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